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Alarm systems, through the years, have become an increasingly common practice amongst homeowners, large companies, and property owners across the board. An alarm system is not a 100% guarantee against a break-in or property loss.

However, an alarm system can greatly reduce the chances of a burglary. Even if an intruder manages to break in, an alarm system can deter him or her from lingering, cutting down on their time to search, acquire valuables or harm you and your family.

Features of a Solid Alarm System

A well-rounded alarm system will rely on a combination of contacts placed at a variety of entrance points (windows, doors, etc.) as well as have motion sensors. It is important to note that motion sensors should not be used as a primary means of protection. Because of their nature, motion sensors do not detect someone until they are already in the house, which may deter a burglar from intruding any further, but is not a competent means of primary protection.

Home Alarm Monitoring Service vs. Unmonitored Services

There are two primary types of alarm systems; monitored and unmonitored. With a monitored alarm, the system will typically flow through the following steps:

  • First, the system will sense something.
  • Second, it will wait a short period of time, giving the property owner a chance to deactivate the system.
  • Third, if the alarm remains on for longer than the set period of time, it then sends a message to a monitoring company over telephone lines.
  • Fourth, the monitoring company will then verify the alarm.

There are a number of ways to go about verifying the alarm, either with a password or a simple phone call to the residence in question. If the monitoring company does not receive the proper verification, they then notify the local authorities who in turn respond to the threat.

Conversely, an unmonitored system is not regulated by an overseeing company. Instead, unmonitored systems rely on neighbors & Samaritans to notify authorities of an impending threat.

Typically, these systems use strobe lights and/or on-site alarms to thwart robbers. It is best to install these types of alarm systems on the street side of a house, in an inaccessible area. It is also beneficial to strategize with neighbors as to where best to install the system; this way it can easily be seen by them and others and they can respond, if need be, accordingly.

Fire Alarm Systems and Other Special Features

In addition to these two types of security systems, there are a variety of additional items that can be used, and should be, in addendum with your basic system. A fire alarm system is always a sound investment considering the number of homes that catch fire each year.

Smoke detectors, panic buttons, pressure mats, glass break detectors and closed circuit TV’s are all beneficial extras that can improve upon the efficiency of a basic system. Moreover, be sure to examine your telephone lines and know where they are.

Of course, depending on your threat risk not all of these items are necessary; it is important to keep in mind that there is a system and price out there for every individual.

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